22 Candid Photos of Prince William That Make Us Melt

Amy Goldman | Sep 29, 2016 Celebrities
Image: Splash News

Splash News

We all know that Prince William is one of the most affable and charitable royals around, but candid photos of the prince reveal something else. He's just as genuinely kind to people when he doesn't know anyone's documenting him as when he knows he's being photographed. He's also apparently every bit as silly and sincere behind the scenes with Kate and his fans as he seems. Can we start swooning?

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We've rounded up pictures of Will that prove his public displays of pleasantness aren't just for show. Don't let tabloid stories about his family be misleading. He can be both formal and warm, charming and charismatic. And he's great with kids -- take it from the adorable way he plays with little George and Charlotte. We see why Kate fell for him so swiftly! 

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Being a normal guy is just who he is, whether he knows his picture is being taken or not. And he certainly has been thrown some curveballs that could keep him from smiling. But lucky for us, Prince William truly is the son of the People's Princess. Keep reading to see some delightfully candid photos of Prince William.


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