Tabloid's Sexist Take on Emma Watson's UN Speech Is Exactly Why We Need Her

Ever since she was named a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, Emma Watson been a passionate and eloquent spokeswoman for gender equality. Usually, she's applauded for using her fame to help others, but Watson was recently slammed by a British tabloid for daring to have an opinion (and talk about it), proving exactly why we need feminism in the first place. Creeps.


Through her role as Goodwill Ambassador and her HeForShe campaign, Watson has made promoting feminism and gender equality her business. Last week, she gave a gut-wrenching speech to the UN calling for gender equality, particularly in universities.

Here's the full speech:

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Her work is important, noble, and improves the lives of millions of women. But instead of celebrating this bright young woman's accomplishments, the British tabloid The Sun instead chose to publish a childish, insulting takedown of Watson by their writer Rod Liddle -- and thankfully, it was all captured and shared on Twitter:

If your eyesight is as bad as ours, here's what the text reads:

Hermione Granger has been addressing the United Nations General Assembly. Nope, not kidding.

The actress Emma Watson, right, is a UN 'Goodwill Ambassador'. What's what, when it's at home? I haven't a clue.

Anyway, instead of telling them all the rules of quidditch or how to turn someone into a frog, she bored them all rigid with whining, leftie, PC crap.

Just like all actresses do if people are stupid enough to give them the chance.

Why do we indulge these luvvie slebs, most of whom know nowt?

I don't object to them having views and expressing them. I just don't understand why we take them seriously.

I suppose they got Emma in because Angelina Jolie is a bit tied up with other stuff at the moment.

It's a statement so stunning in its overt demeaning sexism, you have to wonder if it's intended as satire. But unfortunately, it's all too familiar for many women who dare to stand up and speak their minds in this world.

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Forget the fact that Watson was just 9 years old when she first took the part in Harry Potter. It doesn't matter than she's now a 26-year-old grown woman; Liddle prefers to demean her by treating her like she's still a little girl. She's not. So right off the bat when he refers to her as "Hermione," his misogyny starts to show.

Next, he refers to her message about gender equality and sexual assault as a bunch of "whining, leftie, PC crap." Really? Sexual assault isn't a crime every citizen -- regardless of gender -- deserves to be protected from? It's just "whining" when women ask not to get raped? Really?

Well, according to the UN's own figures, about 35 percent of women in the world have experienced sexual violence at some point in their lives, so there are plenty of women who would beg to differ with Liddle's assessment. More than 120 millions girls worldwide have experience forced intercourse.

This isn't a joke, idiot. This is serious.

And here you have Watson, a young, beautiful woman with the world at her feet. She could do just about anything she wanted with her very privileged life, and she chooses to spend her time lifting up millions of women who don't have a voice. But instead of thanking her or acknowledging her work, Liddle chose to call her a know-nothing.

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Classy guy.

But perhaps the most offensive bit in his big, sexist word salad was when he said he doesn't "object to them having opinions." Them? Does he mean actresses in particular or just women in general?

Perhaps Mr. Liddle hasn't heard about how things have changed in the 21st century, thanks in no small part to the activism of high-profile women like Watson.

Women are here and we demand to be treated equally. This is not opinion -- it is a fact. Women are allowed to be both beautiful and young and smart and strong. We no longer look for affirmation from men like Rod Liddle or seek permission to claim the rights that are ours. And when we speak about issues of importance like violence against women, instead of throwing a tantrum because you're bored and put off, consider instead listening and learning something, Mr. Liddle.

But know this: You and men like you should consider yourselves put on notice. There is no tantrum in the world you will ever be able to throw that's powerful enough to stop women from demanding our rights. You don't have to like feminism or its messengers, including Watson. But the rights women like her advocate for can't be denied any longer.

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Mr. Liddle, your retro misogyny and inability to take Watson seriously says far more about you and your tiny ego than it ever will about her.

You owe her and all the women your careless words offend and disrespect an apology. And you're a creep.


Image via New China TV/YouTube

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