Watching Courteney Cox Quiz Lisa Kudrow on 'Friends' Trivia Is Giving Us Feels, Guys

No matter how much time passes or how outdated (or offensive?) the jokes get, we will always love Friends. It's in our blood. We will also always love the six central actors who made the show as charming as it was, so when we heard that Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox went on a game show to answer Friends trivia, we got excited. Honestly, can you blame us?


Half the reason we wanted to watch this immediately was just to see Courteney and Lisa again. The other half of the reason, of course, was to see if we could beat them at Friends trivia. 

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But they actually did really well -- maybe this shouldn't be surprising considering Friends was their life and work for 10 years. Still. We were impressed. Here's the clip from Celebrity Name Game

First of all, Courteney's Ross Geller impersonation is officially going down in history as possibly the best ever. The shoulder slump? The "womp, womp" voice? It's actually perfect, and we hope that somewhere out there, David Schwimmer is enjoying this as much as we are.

Second of all, the two of them talking about the the antics in the show as stuff "we" would get up to (i.e., "We would look at him through the binoculars!") is making us realize that a piece of Monica and Phoebe live on in Courteney and Lisa, and that is currently making us somewhat emotional.

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Basically, we love it. We'd love to see the rest of the gang on there, too (maybe someday?), but until then, we'll be watching Friends on repeat.


Image via Celebrity Name Game/YouTube

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