Pippa Middleton's iCloud Was Hacked & OMG There Might Be Nude Photos

pippa middletonAn arrest has been made in the reported hacking of Pippa Middleton's iCloud account but we aren't certain of the security of the roughly 3,000 images stolen. According to reports, there are nude photos and other very private pics that could be exposed.


The hacker is thought to have used the name "Crafty Cockney" and attempted to sell the images of Kate Middleton and her kids, as well as pics of Pippa trying on wedding dresses, and perhaps most worrisome, the images of Pippa's fiancé James Matthews in the nude.

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This is awful. Not the fact that Pippa has pics of her soon-to-be husband naked (because we think that's incredible and so sexy!), but we are disgusted by the fact that she was hacked and someone is trying to make a buck off the stolen pics. And not just a buck, of course -- this Crafty Cockney tried to get around $65,000 for the pics. Disgusting.

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The 35-year-old thief was arrested, but it's unclear if any of the images were leaked to anyone else. We certainly hope not. It's such a violating feeling to know that someone gained access to your personal photos that you stored on what you thought was a safe account. 

Image via Splash News

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