Prince George Refuses to High-Five Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

prince george

Denied! While many people would love to high-five Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, Prince George is not among them. When Prince William, Kate Middleton, and the kids arrived in Canada on Sunday, Trudeau was there to greet the royal family. As soon as he saw Prince George, looking cute as a button in his cashmere sweater and knee socks, he crouched down low to give the tot a high five. But nope. Prince George wanted nothing to do with Trudeau. In fact, when the PM then tried to shake his hand, he just shook his head "no." Ouch! 


From the looks of things, Trudeau took the snub in stride. After all, he has three kids himself so surely he's intimately familiar with how shy some toddlers can get around strangers. (Also, flying from London to Canada is exhausting!) Here's the kind of adorable, kind of hilarious video of the little prince shading the prime minister. 

Gotta love toddlers. Literally do not GAF who they're talking to. They're going to do what they want. 

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The royal family will be in Canada for eight days, so no doubt Prince George will warm up to Trudeau in the next few days. And maybe -- just maybe -- he'll even get a high five before they board their plane and head back to England. Let's hope so. 


Image via James Whatling/Splash News 

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