Kim Kardashian Claims She Never Dissed Taylor Swift

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File this one under: What the what? In the autumn issue of Wonderland magazine, Kim Kardashian says that she didn't shade Taylor Swift when she released the infamous tape of the "Shake It Off" singer giving Kanye West her blessing to use her name in his song "Famous." Despite, you know, burying Taylor with one swift Snapchat. 


In the issue, which Kim graces the cover of, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star says, "I never publicly talk bad about people. I still don't feel like I have. I'm being honest. I'm a fan. I like her music. There was no shade." Kim then revealed that some of Taylor's #squad members weren't too happy with her actions -- and they let her know. "Girls in her squad hit me up on text," Kim said. However, she wasn't about to name names. "I'm not petty," she said. 

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This isn't the first time Kim has spoken out about Taylor since Snapchat-gate. In Bazaar's September issue, where she and Kanye were the coverpeople, Kanye said that he "doesn't have a favorite song" of Taylor's, while Kim remarked that she "was such a fan of hers." So, yeah. There's been a little bit of shade thrown. 

From the sound of things, Kim has moved on from the whole Taylor-Kanye debacle (which isn't surprising, being that her husband was the one who was vindicated), but it's hard to imagine Taylor ever moving on from this. Kim almost destroyed her. And from what we've heard in gossip mags -- and in her songs -- Taylor's not really one to shake things off. 


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