20 Candid Photos of Kate Middleton You Just Have to See

Amy Goldman | Sep 22, 2016 Celebrities
Image: Splash News

Kate Middleton
Splash News

It's true that Kate Middleton is never not delightful, but she's typically at her most endearing when she's unaware that she's being photographed. Goofiness, excitement, frustration, surprise ... Kate's animated face conveys a vast array of expressions when she isn't posing for the camera. It's nice to see this royal relax every once and a while, because when she does, her warmth and classiness really have the chance to shine through. 

Whether she's sharing a laugh with fans or hanging out with Will and their kids, Kate's at her best when she's just being herself. And who isn't! Handling the responsibilities and schedule of the royal life must be exhausting -- not to mention she's a mother of three -- so it's nice when we get the chance to see Kate let loose a little bit. 

We are so glad that over the years Kate hasn't sacrificed her own true personality just to fit a certain royal mold. And thank goodness for candid photos because without those, the only thing we'd see would be stiff, posed pictures. Not that she doesn't look great in those! 

So, although these candid moments might be more rare than we would like, we feel it's important to keep documenting them. Keep reading for 20 candid photos of Kate Middleton you really have to see.

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