20 Candid Photos of Kate Middleton You Just Have to See

Amy Goldman | Sep 22, 2016 Celebrities
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Kate Middleton
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It's true that Kate Middleton is never not delightful, but she's typically at her most endearing when she's unaware that she's being photographed. Goofiness, excitement, frustration, surprise ... Kate's animated face conveys a vast array of expressions when she isn't posing for the camera. It's nice to see this royal relax every once and a while, because when she does, her warmth and classiness really have the chance to shine through. 

Whether she's sharing a laugh with fans or hanging out with Will and their kids, Kate's at her best when she's just being herself. And who isn't! Handling the responsibilities and schedule of the royal life must be exhausting -- not to mention she's a mother of three -- so it's nice when we get the chance to see Kate let loose a little bit. 

We are so glad that over the years Kate hasn't sacrificed her own true personality just to fit a certain royal mold. And thank goodness for candid photos because without those, the only thing we'd see would be stiff, posed pictures. Not that she doesn't look great in those! 

So, although these candid moments might be more rare than we would like, we feel it's important to keep documenting them. Keep reading for 20 candid photos of Kate Middleton you really have to see.

  • From Ear to Ear

    Image via Chris Jackson/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    It's hard not to smile at this photo of Kate with a big grin on her face. Kate looked unaware that she was being photographed while visiting the Zebs Youth Centre earlier this month.

  • Boogie-woogie

    Image via INFphoto.com

    Kate looked like she was doing a silly celebratory dance while playing a game at a Charities Forum event. It's refreshng to see someone who's always in the public eye just being herself sometimes.

  • Scrumdiddlyumptious

    Image via Eddie Mulholland/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    Kate looked completely blown away by whatever snack she was chowing down on during her visit to Youthscape. Hopefully it wasn't Turkish Delight. 

  • O-M-G

    Image via INFphoto.com

    Kate couldn't have looked any more excited to visit students at Kensington Aldridge Academy. We love how much emotion she shows when she isn't focusing on posing for a photo. 

  • Royally Good Smirk

    Image via Retropix/Splash News

    Kate proves she can smirk with the best of them while wearing an adorable polka-dot dress.

  • Hijinks Ensue

    Image via Arthur Edwards/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    If there was ever any question as to who is the most adorable royal over the age of 3, this picture should make the answer abundantly clear. It's Kate.

  • Her Graciousness

    Image via Henry Browne/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    Even when she doesn't know the cameras are rolling, Kate goes out of her way to make sure her fans know they're appreciated. 

  • Doom & Gloom

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    It's rare to see Kate looking so disappointed, but this candid moment reveals just how seriously she takes tennis matches. 

  • Maternal Instinct

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate looked so unguarded and happy as she shared a sweet moment with George during their visit to the Royal International Air Tattoo.

  • Belly Laugh

    Image via Matt Dunham/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    Kate appeared to enjoy a genuine, hearty laugh while presenting the Art Fund Museum of the Year 2016 prize. It's hard not to adore a royal who can laugh this hard.

  • Baby Steps

    Image via Splash News

    Kate demonstrated plenty of patience and good humor as she helped George find his footing at Will's polo match.

  • You Had to Be There

    Image via Anthony Devlin/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    One of Kate's best qualities is how she seems to befriend everyone she meets. She looked like she was sharing an inside joke with some friends in uniform at Wimbledon.

  • You Don't Say

    Image via Stephen Pond/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    Kate looked positively floored while attending a gala dinner in June. Her beautiful, Downton Abby–esque dress contrasted wonderfully with her animated expression.

  • Stolen Moments

    Image via Splash News

    It's sweet to see how affectionate Will and Kate are when they don't know anyone is looking. Kate wasn't afraid to show her love for her husband during their tour of Bhutan.

  • Hellooo!

    Image via Splash News

    This might be our favorite candid photo of Kate to date. Are we sure she's a real person and not a cartoon character who was created to delight us with her highly animated expressions?

  • Low Five

    Image via Richard Pohle/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    Kate makes sure that even her littlest fans know they're special. She gave one such fan a very low-to-the-ground high-five at the opening of the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace.

  • Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

    Image via Chris Jackson/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    Giddy is the only word we can think of to properly describe Kate's expression here. There's no way she knew her picture was being taken, and thankfully we have photographic evidence of her unabashed glee.

  • Tasty Tasty


    Honestly, we wish we looked like that cute while eating. 

  • Open Wide


    Being a mom of three, Kate really knows how to engage even the youngest of her fans. So sweet!

  • Secret Handshake


    Kate and this little boy really seem to be hitting it off, and we suspect they've already formed a secret and exclusive club. 

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