Jill Duggar Walks Right into Another Baby Controversy

She just can't seem to keep herself out of controversy! Jill (Duggar) Dillard caught flack recently for using her midwife certification, as there are serious concerns about her qualifications.


On Tuesday, Jill posted this photo on Instagram, showing off one of the newest members of the human race. She added the caption, "I got to help deliver this little cutie this morning! So special! #childrenareablessingfromthelord #earlymorningbirth #midwife #homebirth"

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Jill and her hubby Derick are back in the states with their toddler son Israel, after a year of missionary work in El Salvador. The respite is temporary, but that doesn't mean that Jill doesn't want to be of use in her community.

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She decided to put her CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) license to work by assisting in this home birth. Midwife service A Mommy's Butterfly also shared the pic on social media, posting it to Facebook along with the caption, "We're tickled pink and glad To say, their little girl was FINALLY Born this day! We introduce Aspen born at 4:48 am weighing 6lbs 4oz 18" long!! Happy to have big brother's baby catcher back to help mama again!!"

We can only assume that Jill also assisted in delivering Aspen's older sibling. Presumably with the same midwife organization. Which is run by Venessa Giron. Who lost her license to practice in Arkansas. Because of an allegedly botched home birth that Jill assisted in. Whoops.

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Last year, mom Tiffany Nance claimed that her child's health was irrevocably damaged because both Venessa and Jill refused to call 911 during the complicated delivery. Nance was diagnosed with Group B strep, but Giron reportedly wouldn't give her antibiotics. The newborn baby girl ended up spending 54 days in the hospital after her birth, and was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 

Obviously, we don't know the whole story and background of that situation, but we do question Jill judgment in sharing her continued association with Venessa and midwifery. You can't keep the Judgey McJudgersons out of your life, but you sure as heck don't need to invite them in.


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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