13 Group Halloween Costumes That Will Turn You & Your BFFs into a #Squad

Caroline Olney | Sep 23, 2016 Celebrities
13 Group Halloween Costumes That Will Turn You & Your BFFs into a #Squad

Every year, everyone makes a big hoopla about couples Halloween costumes, and look: We get it. They're fun, and it feels a little less ridiculous to dress up as a giant donut if you have a sexy police officer by your side. But do you know what's even more fun than two matching Halloween costumes? Three Halloween costumes -- or four, or five, or however many you need to outfit your entire squad.

The challenge, of course, is finding a costume creative enough to do your genius justice -- and, of course, expansive enough to give everyone the room to get in on the fun. But we've got good news for you: We're kiiinda obsessed with Halloween around here, and we've done the brainstorming for you. Here are 12 Halloween costumes for you and your whole squad (or, as we like to call them will never call them again, squad-o-ween costumes). You're very welcome.


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  • 'Stranger Things' Kids


    Dig up your '80s clothes and an old Dungeons and Dragons board and get Stranger, ya'll. Dressing up as the kids would be a perfect costume for a group of four, but there are plenty of other characters to add on if you have a bigger group. (Hi, Winona Ryder. And Barbs. And the scary monster thing, if you can pull it off.)

  • All of Lemonade's Beyonces


    We're positive there will be lots of "Hold Up" Beyonces on the trick-or-treat circuit this year. But it'd be kind of amazing to turn this into a group costume -- send out "Hold Up" Beyonce with "Formation" Beyonce and "Don't Hurt Yourself" Beyonce. And however many other Beyonces you can round up. That's a squad we can get behind.

  • Ghostbusters


    Oh, come on. You knew this was coming. The new Ghostbusters movie helped our sad, sad world in many ways, and perhaps the biggest service the did us was to give us the most perfect Halloween 2016 costume. It'd be a shame not to take advantage of it -- especially if you can pull it off with nothing more than khakis and backpacks.

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  • Suicide Squad


    Unlike Ghostbusters, Suicide Squad did very little for our society -- except give us an excellent 2016 group Halloween costume opportunity. It would be enormously fun to dress up like Harley Quinn and the gang, and as long as you bring along a baseball bat and a bad attitude, you'll be instantly recognizable.

  • Bad Moms


    Yeah, this could be fun. Grab some friends, a baby doll (or your real kids), party clothes, and fake alcohol (or real alcohol?) and be a bad mom -- just for one night.

  • Taylor Swifts



    A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

    Even just this year, Taylor Swift has gone through a surprising number of iterations (bobbed Taylor, bleached Taylor, Hiddleswift Taylor), and that's just the cap end of a life full of different looks. We're not faulting her for this (we all do it) -- we're just suggesting you capitalize on it and get everyone in your group to try on a different Taylor look for Halloween this year.

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  • Boaty McBoatface


    We're not sure if there's such thing as a "weirdest" meme (they're all weird), but if there were, Boaty McBoatface would be on the list. However! Boaty McBoatface and all its iterations (Bomby McBombface, Trainy McTrainface, and Schoolie McSchoolface) would be fun to dress as. The easiest way to do this, of course, would be to dress as literally anything and just wear a "My Name Is ..." tag. But we're sure you guys can come up something else.

  • Famous


    This is fun! Instead of dumping a white sheet over your head to be a ghost this Halloween, wrap it around yourself loosely and go as one of the celebs in Kanye West's "Famous." This is ideal for large groups for obvious reasons -- one naked celeb in a bed is one thing, but 11 of them is #art.

  • Soulcycle Ladies


    Dressing up as Soulcycle Ladies in 2016 is like dressing up as Aerobics Ladies in the '80s. The best part of that costume then -- and this costume now -- is that you can just pull it out of drawer. Get everyone to wear what you'd normally wear spinning, just with an added bit of drama (extra sweat bands! Scrunchies!) to make gentle fun of yourself and enjoy your most comfortable Halloween yet.

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  • Hamilton


    It's always going to be fun to dress in period clothes for Halloween (fun, but involved). It'd take some work to get a Hamilton costume just right ... but if you could, how badass would you and your gang look rapping your way through the night?

  • Team USA


    A USA track suit plus a gold medal is all it takes to be on Team USA (on Halloween, anyway). But please, don't stop at the Final Five -- let's not forget Katie Ledecky (add a swimcap), Ryan Lochte (goggles plus a gentle joke about the Rio controversy?), or David Boudia.

  • Angry Bird Thingies


    No one knows what they are or what they do, but if you and your gang have enough lime green in your closet, go for it. You could even make a pigs nose out of the end of a cardboard tube (yes, pre-K style) and REALLY get into it, if you wanted. (We're always in favor of over-committing to costumes.)

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  • Star Wars Gang


    Whether your friends want to go The Force Awakens or classic Star Wars, there were enough characters in the new movie to cover everyone's wants and needs. And if you have a baby you can dress up as BB8 ... well, send pics.

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