If Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Got Married, We're Finding Out at the Perfect Time

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes got married

For the past day or so, nearly the entire world has been consumed by the news of the #Brangelina divorce. Hearts are breaking and, to say the least, it sucks. But, while our heads were down as we mourned the end of an era, we almost missed out on some good news to possibly offset a bit of that heartbreak and hopelessness we have felt in response to the split: After months of speculation, US Weekly has multiple sources confirming that another Hollywood couple --  Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes -- are, in fact, married and have been for quite some time now. 


Allegedly the couple tied the knot earlier in the year in front of a small group of their loved ones ... a "rumor" that we've heard floating around before but seems to be real this time around. Or, perhaps the couple is just ready for it to be public knowledge -- either way, (backdated) congrats are in order. 

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One of the sources revealed to the mag that the couple has "always felt like a married couple" and that "they are infatuated with each other" -- which, aside from being totally swoon worthy, is the passion many of us can only dream of having in our love lives. 

However, in the wake of all the latest celeb relationship news, there's something major that we can take away from these two and it's this: Love is a lot like life and death -- with the loss of it, new love is born.

So while many are heartbroken by the Brangelina era ending, couples like Ryan and Eva continue to give us a new era to look forward to and possibly even a renewed sense of love.

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These two -- from the outside looking in, anyway -- are the least-suspected pairing when it comes to Hollywood coupling, which only further adds to the list of reasons to keep hope alive. 

Why, exactly? Well, because in the same way that our love lives (or ones that we admire) can crumble to pieces right before our eyes, there's hope that love can be found in the most random and unsuspecting places -- or people.

Yes, some relationships end, but that doesn't always mean that the love was absent. Sometimes it simply means that the individuals love/value the happiness of themselves and those surrounding them enough to part ways for the greater good. However, there are so many other romances to look to (including the ones you know IRL) that you can't let fallen love stop you from loving again. 

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You see, if we continue to keep our hearts open and #RelationshipGoals fresh, then anything -- and I do mean anything -- is possible. So, with that said, while one of our favorite Hollywood couples is sadly on the decline, there are many others that we can find our goals in -- including but not limited to Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, just one of the many couples we love to love. (Of course, that's after we give up any possible dream of calling Ryan a bae of our own.)

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