Blac Chyna Shows Baby Kicking in Her Belly in New Video

blac chyna

Holy adorableness! And craziness! In a series of new Snapchat videos, Blac Chyna showed her baby moving inside her belly. Looks like she and Rob have a real wild child on their hands!


Rob and Chyna have only eight short weeks left before she's set to give birth. Clearly, the couple -- and their baby-to-be -- are getting antsy. "A few more weeks until I give birth. I can't wait, super excited. I feel like this is the time where you get super anxious," Chyna said in the video. Check out baby Kardashian going wild in her mama's belly!

No doubt about it! She's a mover! And Chyna must be uncomfy right now. Not only must her back be incredibly sore, looks like her little girl could keeping her up at night with those moves. Poor mama.

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Chyna also shared a sweet shot of her growing baby bump on Tuesday, along with the caption, "32 weeks." So beautiful.

32 weeks �

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Not much time left, guys! Hopefully, everything is in order because before they know it, they'll be a family of three. So exciting! Congrats, guys!


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