8 Tweets That Sum Up the Breakdown We (& the Internet) Had Post-#Brangelina

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, divorce rumors

Hardcore #Brangelina fans were shaken to the core today upon finding out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were no longer a thing. For many, the couple was a paragon of love (for others, not so much). We thought we could imagine the division that the news would cause on the Internet ... but we really couldn't. 


While sources allege that the cause of these "irreconcilable differences" were related to parenting, some of us would rather speculate pointlessly anyway. Some believe that the divorce was prompted by infidelity -- the rumor mill has churned out Marion Cotillard as a possible hookup for Pitt, but the couple and its top-secret sources maintain that that's not the case. 

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While Brangelina separated on September 15, the divorce wasn't filed until four days after the fact -- this comes after two years of marriage and over a decade as partners. 

Pitt released a statement to People that doubled as a friendly PSA to the public:

I am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the well-being of our kids ... I kindly ask the press to give them the space they deserve during this challenging time.

However, fans are torn as they try to make sense of this epic bad romance, and that's created a spectrum of emotions throughout the day. And the tweets are genius: For example, here are 8 that perfectly sum up our #Brangelina feelings since receiving the news of their divorce.

  1. This live video footage of everyone (everywhere) going into the office today as the news spread like a wild fire:

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  2. The universal sense of betrayal:

  3. ... and all of our pettiness as we imagined the level of gloating Jennifer Aniston deserves to do:

  4. The realization that (maybe?) that pettiness was justified -- Angie and Brad did the unthinkable when they allegedly began their romance after meeting during the production of Mr. & Mrs. Smith ... when Brad was still a very married man:

  5. ... and then when we found the word for it:

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  6. The ultimate realization that if women like Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry are so unlucky in love -- well, then WTF does that mean for the rest of us? 

  7. The decision to burn the whole damn world down. This just ain't right:

  8. And, finally, the major observation that gave us a window of hope:

Image via Nancy Kaszerman / ZUMA Press / Splash News

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