Prince William Can't Resist Chowing Down on Fried Food When Kate Isn't Around

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Kate Middleton, close your eyes! It's recently been discovered that Prince William can't resist the occasional greasy breakfast when the duchess isn't looking. When the duke is working at the East Anglian Air Ambulance, he reportedly chows down on a $9 English fry-up breakfast, which typically includes eggs, bacon, and sausages. Wills is a regular at the Air Ambulance and most days that he's there, he gets in line like everyone else. And let's be honest here, people: This is kind of adorable. 


A regular at the work canteen told reporters, "William seems to be a lot slimmer and trimmer these days thanks to plenty of exercise and Kate feeding him healthy meals at home." However, they were quick to add: "But it's a different story when he is at work. The canteen does excellent fry-ups and he can't resist them."

Everyone is instructed to leave the prince alone and not talk to him unless he speaks to them first. Recently though, someone in line broke the rules and said to William, "You shouldn't be ea­ting too many of those. You'll get fat." And the duke was quick to jokingly reply, "It looks like you've had a few too many yourself." Everyone around "saw the funny side" and laughed. 

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Being that his wife is incredibly health-conscious, it isn't a huge surprise that William has a hankering for fried food once in a while. And if he only indulges on occasion, it's not going to kill him. But he might want to make sure there are no traces of grease on his face when he returns home. If Kate suspects anything, she just might start packing him smoothies in the morning. 



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