Rob Kardashian May Have Undergone Gastric Bypass Surgery

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So much for diet and exercise. According to a new report by Media Take Out, Rob Kardashian had his stomach stapled in order to shed his unwanted pounds once and for all. Rob apparently has had it with failed diet plans and exercise routines so he's finally resorted to gastric bypass -- and, as the story goes, the whole thing was captured on camera and will be aired on Rob & Chyna


Rob, understandably, wants to look his absolute best when he and Chyna eventually do tie the knot, and he's just not confident enough in his ability to lose the weight the old-fashioned way. The procedure is no joke -- it involves drastically reducing the size of the stomach. So Rob wouldn't be able to eat as much as he normally does, even if he wanted to. 

When Rob and Chyna first got together it seemed like he was on the road to losing weight. It was reported that, with the help of Chyna and a trainer, he lost 50 pounds. But ever since Chyna announced her pregnancy, Rob hasn't seemed to have the motivation he once did. It appears that he's gained all of the weight back, undoing all of his hard work. 

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Undergoing gastric bypass is a serious decision and it's doubtful Rob took it lightly. In fact, in some ways, it seems like it's a last resort for him. Rob seems to have tried everything to lose weight and get healthy to no avail, so maybe this is what he needs. It's not for everyone, but if it makes him happy and puts him in great shape so he can run around with his daughter, so be it.


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