Watch Amy Schumer Talk Tampons at the Emmys Like It's NBD ('Cause It's Not)

While many stars have made efforts to let fans in on their pre- and post- award show rituals -- from what they eat to their makeup routines and clothing secrets -- Amy Schumer rocked the Emmys red carpet by shouting out her brand of tampons when she asked what she was wearing. And frankly, it shouldn't be such a big deal ... but of course, it is. You may have thought it was a joke, but it's definitely a statement.


There has been this movement recently to normalize "period talk" because periods are just as natural as anything else -- and women have been getting them since the beginning of time. 

And the 35-year-old commedian's mention of o.b. Tampons at the 2016 Emmys was a win/win for the conversation.  

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While Schumer and her sister were being interviewed by Giuliana Rancic, she was, of course, asked the age-old question (that's asked on every red carpet over and over again): "Who are you wearing?"

True to form, Schumer gave an answer that did not disappoint: "Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford shoes, and an o.b. Tampon!" 

Well, stars get their periods too, even on the red carpet. Right?!

In fact, many fans on Twitter cheered on the Inside Amy Schumer star for her words.

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Of course, though, there were others that were not feeling the honesty. 

Why do periods have to be this taboo thing that must be kept hidden like the world's biggest secret? 

Amy's humor is something that we've all come to love and respect, but this time around, I feel that some people are just overreacting about the menstruation comment.

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Come on. 

If you were with a group of friends, you may have said the same thing -- maybe minus the designer gown and shoes.

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It's really time to get over the stigma that surrounds periods. Women should speak because having a period is literally the most ladylike thing that happens to girls and women.

So I say thank you, Amy, for just speaking your mind in your own way.

There's nothing wrong with that.

It's normal. 


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