Corey Feldman's Breakdown Over Cruel Internet Comments Is Kind of Our Fault

If you haven't heard about former child star Corey Feldman's musical performance on the Today show last week, let's just say that most people's reactions were ... well, they weren't great. In fact, Feldman and his "angels" have been getting pretty much relentlessly slammed by the media for their song "Go 4 It" (from Feldman's fifth album, Angel to the Core), and he isn't taking criticism well, even if it is remarkably harsh. As Feldman revealed in a now-deleted Facebook Live post, he hasn't been able to get out of bed since the Today show clip went viral -- and maybe this is a sign that we all need to cut celebs a little slack.


After being called "bizarre," "weird," and worse for what appeared to be an earnest (if somewhat unconventional) attempt at entertainment, it seems that Feldman is "petrified" to even leave the house. In case you haven't seen it, here's the vid that's got everybody talking: 

Okay, it might not be your cup of tea. But Feldman definitely seems like he truly believes in what he's doing, right? Which is what makes the fallout sort of unbearable.

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"We just wanted to tell everybody that, like, it's been really painful," he said in his Facebook video (with "maingel" Courtney Anne by his side), according to Yahoo.

"We put ourselves out there and we did the best that we could. And, like, I've never had such mean things said about me. Like constantly."

That's a significant statement coming from a former child star who's weathered multiple scandals (including the death of his friend and costar Corey Haim and claims of being subjected to sexual abuse by Hollywood big shots as a young actor). Corey Feldman is no stranger to the oftentimes cruel celeb gossip cycle, but this latest wave of ridicule seems to be coming awfully close to pushing the 45-year-old actor over the edge:

All we can say is that we tried really hard. Because we love our fans and we just wanted to give them the best show that we could. But we don't deserve ... these things that are said about us are awful.

It was a song, okay? It wasn't that weird. I'm sorry if it’s not good enough for you, but you don't have to beat us up. I just want to say that, like, why is it okay to, like, publicly shame us?

... We can't get out of bed right now. We're petrified to even go out ... And I'm sorry, but we just wanted the world to know, like, we're really freaked out over this and it's really not fair. 

Public shaming should not be accepted, no matter who you are. It doesn't matter if they're a celebrity or not. We deserve love and we deserve, like, normal life ... It's not okay, it's not acceptable to call us freaks, weirdos, losers, whatever.

Feldman broke down sobbing as he spoke, which is basically heartbreaking, even for those of us who might have initially poked fun at his angel-flanked song on Today. It's all too easy for those of us who don't spend our lives in the public eye to forget that celebrities are real, living and breathing human beings who actually do hear what people are saying about them -- the good and the bad.

And in this case, sadly, what people were saying about Corey Feldman was mostly bad; not only that, it was a gleeful and unrepentant kind of negative. And when you come down to it, that's just plain mean. Just because someone's rich and famous doesn't give us permission to treat them like they don't have any feelings. Hate hurts, no matter who the target might be. 

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As Feldman put it, "Public shaming should not be accepted, no matter who you are." There's just no excuse to behave otherwise.


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