Kate Middleton's Advice to Young Girl Will Stay With Her Forever

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Talk about royally good advice. Kate Middleton and Prince William visited a school in London on Friday, and the duchess offered some words of encouragement to a young girl who admitted that she was nervous around the royal couple. Fifteen-year-old Hannah gave a speech in front of William and Kate, and afterward, Kate told the student to "never give up on her dreams" when she learned of Hannah's pre-speech anxiety.  


Hannah spoke to People, revealing, "The princess said to me that I should always keep performing and I should never give up on my dreams. That is going to stay with me for the rest of my life." She also added, "I think the fact that they came here is going to help a lot of people be able to speak up about how they're feeling."

Clearly the duke and duchess made a big impression on the kids, as another student talked about how he was over-the-moon after speaking with William. "I'm a games captain for my form, and William asked me what's my favorite sport and whether I was competitive," 11-year-old student Robert said. "I told him my favorite sports are hockey and basketball and I'm quite keen on football. When I sat down, William and Kate looked at me and said, 'Well done.'" 

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The royals were visiting the school as part of their Heads Together campaign, which brings awareness to mental health issues. In addition to learning about the students, the couple urged everyone to always talk about their feelings and "not listen to what other people say."

From the sound of things, the visit couldn't have gone any better and William and Kate are dedicated to helping children -- including their own -- express themselves. "The sleepless nights and all that is just fine. It's all the other stuff we now have to start worrying about!" William joked at one point. 

Hopefully, the students will heed the royal couple's advice in the years to come. Hey, if anyone can make a lasting impression on a young child, it's a prince and princess. 


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