Pippa Middleton Slips Up in New Interview, Proving She's Actually Not Perfect

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She's baaaack. After her first book, Celebrate: A Year of British Festivities for Families and Friends, was widely panned by critics, Pippa Middleton is back with another lifestyle book -- this time a cook book called Heartfelt, which was published to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. The newly engaged socialite recently sat down for an interview with the Daily Mail, where she talks her book (obvs) and her fiancé. But things get a little awkward when Pippa admits that, despite authoring the book, she hasn't made every dish in it.   


During the interview, Pippa said that she tried out most of the recipes on her friends and family, including her sister, but didn't get around to whipping up every one. "I would like to say I have made every single one, but I have definitely done a good 80 percent of them," the bride-to-be admitted. "I made a lot of the dishes at home." Not surprisingly, critics are already snickering over this.

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Distracting from the slip-up, Pippa also spoke about her relationship with her handsome hedge fund manager husband, James Matthews. Spoiler alert: The two are very active and aren't super into hitting up the hottest clubs in London. Pippa revealed that they often choose eating at home over going out, and are always up for an outdoor adventure. "I think we do exhaust most people," Pippa joked. The couple have done a 50-mile swimming and running race together, and this summer Pippa scaled the Matterhorn in Switzerland with her brother James in honor of her fiancé's brother who died while descending Mount Everest in 1999. Matthews also has completed numerous marathons. 

From the sound of things, Pippa has definitely met her match and the pair are in for years of (very tiring) wedded bliss together. And hopefully, Pippa's talk of her soon-to-be husband detracted from her talk about her cook book. Because yeah, critics aren't going to let her live that one down. 


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