Rob Kardashian's Sisters Reportedly Want a DNA Test on Blac Chyna's Baby

Say what now? We knew this couple was drama, but this latest rumor might just take the cake at the gossip mill. According to reports, Rob Kardashian might not be the father of Blac Chyna's baby.


Things between Chyna and Rob have been a bit rocky through her pregnancy, and Radar Online claims that she's been running around on Rob with singer Pilot Jones. Not only has Chyna apparently been seeing him on the DL, he's also purportedly the father of the unborn child that Rob has been claiming as his own.

One insider told the gossip site, "When that baby comes out, it's going to be brown! The truth will come out eventually. Pilot is the dad."

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As extra "proof," Radar has pictures of Chyna dancing with Pilot back in March, when she sneaked off to Atlanta after she and Rob hit a rough patch. 

A source for the Kardashian family insists that "Rob will absolutely request a DNA test after all this." We have to question if he's ever trusted Chyna though, since the insider continued that a paternity test was always the plan, saying, "That was going to happen even before all of this mess got out there."

Radar reached out to Chyna, who called the rumors "lies" before threatening to involve her lawyer. The truth will have to come out eventually though ... even if Rob doesn't insist on the DNA test, you can bet that sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney will be all over that.

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The insider revealed, "If Blac Chyna's baby is not Rob's, there will be hell to pay and Rob's sisters will make sure that Blac Chyna is destroyed. They will make sure that she is left in financial ruin, and that she will never work in this industry again."

Hopefully this is all just awful gossip. We really do wish the best for Rob and Chyna.


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