Kim Kardashian Posts Nude Video While Getting a Midnight Spray Tan

kim kardashian

Bronzed goddess! Kim Kardashian shared a nude selfie (video) to Snapchat on Thursday after she got a "midnight spray tan." The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star covered her face with her phone in the shot, but you can puh-retty much see everything else. Dang, Kim.  


Kim, who's in Miami right now, said in the clip, "Nothing like a midnight spray tan, you guys. Tanorexic." Here's the clip, if you're interested. (Of course you're interested.)

Whoa. Kim looks amazing. And while the snap is definitely a bit shocking, let's be real here, this is just a Thursday for the Selfish author. 

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The video was posted to the Instagram account where most of Kim's Snapchat photos and videos are posted, and not surprisingly, plenty of followers had nasty things to say to the mom of two. "Child put ur damn clothes on, we have seen ur naked ass enough, get over urself," one user said, while another commented, "U lost ur damn mind."

Kim's nude selfies and videos certainly aren't for everyone, but clearly she has no plans to stop posting them any time soon. (And can you blame her? Look at that bod!) If people don't want to see them, they may as well stop following her. Because as she said in her Break the Internet award acceptance speech: Nude selfies 'til she dies.


Image via JENY/Splash News

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