Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Are Reportedly Adding a 20th Child to Their Family

Michelle & Jim Bob DuggarIf the Duggar family ever gets another reality show as a unit, they might want to change up the title. According to In Touch, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have temporary guardianship over an 8-year-old boy, which now means they have 20 kids and counting.


Arkansas court documents obtained by In Touch allegedly show the Duggars are caring for the son of Michelle's niece, Rachel Hutchins. Not only do Jim Bob and Michelle hope to make their guardianship a more permanent arrangement, but they reportedly have plans to adopt the little boy.

Sadly, Rachel has had a string of bad luck that includes being unemployed and homeless.

Currently on probation for a felony arrest, Rachel "gave up custody of her son [in August 2015] to her mother, Michelle's sister Carolyn. But in July, Carolyn suffered a stroke," the Duggar family insider revealed to In Touch.

So sad.

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It's so unfortunate that Michelle's niece has found herself on a dark path (hopefully Mom can make a turn for the better), but thankfully she has family who can help raise her son. Jim Bob and Michelle definitely know a thing or two about children and will likely shower this little boy with a ton of love.

Plus, the 8-year-old will have some great company at home seeing as Jordy-Grace, 7, and Josie, 6, are pretty close to his age.


Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook

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