Take a Good Look at Lena Dunham's Endo Scars Because This Is Normal -- & Beautiful

Lena Dunham is really good at keeping things real. Like, really good. Like, sometimes so good, it's problematic. But usually, her honesty is refreshing. Sometimes, it's enlightening. This time, it's essential: Lena shared picture of her scars from her endometriosis surgery on Snapchat and, in doing so, added a whole other level to the conversations she's been having with us about endo since last fall. And that's kind of a big deal.


She highlighted her scars in a Snap of her bikini, her bod, and her totally relatable love of Target bathing suits. It went like this:

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At this point, we're pretty used to seeing Lena Dunham naked. But we haven't seen these scars before, and the fact that she's talking about them is huge -- for the usual reasons celebs' showing their "normal" bodies is huge, yes, but also because endometriosis is still this beast of a problem for women and Lena Dunham is probably the most high-profile woman talking about all the grim ins and outs of it, and what endo looks like in real time.

Endometriosis, Lena explained in an essay for Lenny Letter, has been affecting her life since she first got her period. It's caused her enormous pain and awful -- like, 30 days bleeding awful -- periods. Eventually, she had surgery to remove some of the excess uterus lining that causes endo, and she felt better. Until she needed surgery again.

We are 3,000 percent positive that this hasn't been a fun journey for her, but Lena hasn't shied away from talking about her condition publicly. And since endometriosis is a disorder that affects one out of 10 women but is chronically (and upsettingly) underdiagnosed, Lena's openness to talk about her own endo puts a spotlight on it in a way we haven't seen before. And if that spotlight is enough to make even one woman question the normalcy of her own period pain, it's worth it.

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Lena's caught us up on her history with endo, her potential future with it (so what it means for the possibility of motherhood), as well as details on both of her surgeries to control her symptoms.

This photo, then, is different because it's not strictly medical. She's not telling us any Mayo Clinic–level info -- she's just normalizing it. This is what endo looks like, she's saying. And it's okay.

You don't have to love her to recognize that what she's telling us is important. You just have to listen.


Images via Photo Image Press/Splash News; Lena Dunham/Snapchat

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