Prince William's Dance Moves Earn Him Title of Most Lovable Dad

prince williamIt's clear Prince William likes to get involved. When he's at charity events, or visiting with community members, or even when he's with his kids, Will doesn't shy away from putting himself in the middle of the action. He did just that when visiting a youth center and the dance troupe got William to try the wave, allowing us to see just what kind of dance moves this prince has.


This all took place London's Caius House Youth Centre where The Scariofunk Dance Collective helped Will look like a scarecrow ... we mean, dancer.  

prince william

prince william

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Us Weekly reports (via the Daily Mail) that his 15-year-old dance instructor Candice Blake gave Will 10 stars for his effort (out of 10), but five for skill. Will said that he always has an issue getting the "shoulder shiver" right. We understand. Oh how we understand. This is not a dance move that is easy to do.

Now even though he didn't seem to master "the wave" just yet, we're guessing if he was wearing something other than a tailored suit jacket and button-up shirt, he would be able to work on shivering that shoulder a bit better. Not only did Will look good trying, but he set a great example for kids. This center helps kids try new things in a safe environment. So many young ones come here to discover new passions and learn skills. They also had a cake baking and decorating class and competition. Will iced some cupcakes, too. How cool is that?!

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Will is winning hearts everywhere. The fact that he takes the time to spend moments like this with the youth of today is so admirable. He's showing kids how he can have fun and learn new things even though he is a prince ... and a dad of two. If he can do things that take him out of his comfort zone and have fun doing so while learning, they can, too. Most lovable dad? Will is it.


Images via Justin Tallis/WPA-Pool/Splash News

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