Kim Kardashian Took 6,000 Selfies in 4 Days -- What the What?

kim kardashian

How much memory does her phone have?! Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she took 6,000 selfies when she was away on vacation in Mexico with her friends and family. Six thousand selfies. Kim is a stunning woman and her body is on fire lately, but even so, not sure this is something to brag about. Or, you know, even reveal.  


Us Weekly reports that Kim has a special guest post on younger sister Kendall Jenner's app this week, appropriately called "Kim-Digits: The Breakdown of My Mexico Vacation," where she breaks down her vacay to Punta Mita by the numbers. Kim revealed that she took 6,000 selfies (1,500 a day since it was only a four-day trip!) while she was on holiday with her #squad. Apparently, Kim also spent a total of four hours playing with her kids on the beach; had 10 watermelon smoothies with her daughter; listened to 19 different songs; and spent zero hours in the sun because she "was busy doing photo shoots or it was overcast."

But again, 6,000 selfies!!!

More from CafeMom:

We all know that Kim loves taking photos of herself, but this seems a little excessive, even for her. And wasn't she doing photo shoots while she was there, as well?! Save for the time she spent hanging with her kids on the beach and drinking smoothies, how did she have time to do anything other than take photos while she was away?!

Hopefully, Kim was being a little hyperbolic with her "Kim-Digits" estimation, because as much as her fans love her, even they might think 6,000 selfies is a little extreme. But of course, if anyone could reach such a goal, it's Kim. 

kim kardashian


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