Blac Chyna Feels 'Obligated' to Breastfeed & Plans on Eating Her Placenta

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This mama-to-be has a plan. Blac Chyna appeared on BFF Amber Rose's podcast on Wednesday, and the future Mrs. Kardashian held nothing back when it came to talking about her plans for her future daughter (or her penchant for sex toys in the boudoir). 


As Us Weekly reports, when the women started talking about pregnancy and babies, Chyna said that she felt much "more educated" this time around than when she was pregnant with King Cairo, her 3-year-old son with rapper Tyga. She also revealed that she feels a sense of "obligation" to breastfeed her baby once she's born -- and that she's definitely not against eating her placenta. 

"Just reading and knowing the pros of breastfeeding for your baby, and just recently I found out some new, cool stuff about not cutting the cord and sending your placenta; you can get these pills to take them after to make you and the baby healthy," Chyna told Amber. "If you notice dogs and cats, when they have their babies, they eat the placenta. You're like, 'No, don't do that!' But they do, it's a healthy thing." 

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Quickly switching gears, the girls starting talking about their sex lives. Amber revealed that she "wasn't horny" when she was pregnant with Sebastian, the son she shares with Wiz Khalifa. Chyna didn't reveal too much in terms of what goes on between the sheets with Rob Kardashian, but she did say that he's not into sex toys and she has to "sneak them in" from time to time. Well, alright. 

From the sound of things, Chyna, who has "no cravings or morning sickness," is feeling great, and plans on taking a more natural approach with her baby this time around. Good for her! But hopefully she doesn't feel pressure to do anything she doesn't want to or that doesn't feel right. Going natural is great, but the most important thing is that she's a happy and relaxed mama. 


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