Jinger Duggar Confesses She Loves Jeremy Vuolo's 'Massive Bed'

This is practically scandalous! By Duggar standards, at least. On this week's episode of Counting On, Jeremy Vuolo showed off his apartment to Jinger Duggar -- including his bedroom.


We didn't even know that was allowed in Duggar Courtship™, but since both Jeremy's parents and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were there as well, we're just going to assume it's all on the up and up.

Jinge and her parents were visiting Jeremy in Laredo, Texas, where he lives and works as the pastor of a church. It was the first time that the future Mrs. Vuolo both saw his apartment and met his parents. While she admitted to being nervous off camera, girlfriend stayed cool as a cucumber, and even dared to get physically close to Jer -- in front of their parents!

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After Jinger commented on Jeremy's "massive bed," the two moved it to the living room, where they unabashedly snuggled on the couch. Just a reminder that the Duggars have strict rules for courting, which include no hand-holding until they're engaged (they weren't when this was filmed), side-hugs only, and absolutely no kissing.

As they canoodled on the sofa, Jer played a song that he had recorded for Jinger. Because really, they couldn't get any cuter if they tried. And the whole time, he had his arm draped around her. And she snuggled into the crook of his neck. And he stroked her arm. 

It was all very sweet, but almost naughty considering the usual rules of courtship! The parents kept their mouths shut about it, but the producers had to ask what wasup with the touchy-feely vibes.

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Jinger nonchalantly explained, "Jeremy and I have our own set of rules for the courtship, and our own standards that we desire," while Jer claimed not to know about "most courtship" rules. He was more concerned about intent, rather than arbitrary rules.

Well played, Jeremy. Well played.


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