Rob Kardashian Might Be Moving Far Away From LA

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Rob and Chyna take the Hamptons? On Tuesday, Rob Kardashian posted a photo of a sprawling Hamptons estate along with the caption, "Just closed the deal on my new house and can't wait to move out of CALI!! AMERICA!!!!!" We all know Rob has issues with his family from time to time, but is he really going to leave Calabasas and relocate to the East Coast?


Not exactly. While Rob and Chyna would no doubt love to move into the gorgeous estate Rob shared with his followers, in no way could he -- or most of the Kardashians -- afford it. The baller home is going for $65 million. No way has Rob sold that many socks yet. 

Hollywood Life talked to Tim Davis, the real estate agent selling the home, and he confirmed that Rob and Chyna won't be moving into the place. "The Instagram post by Rob is inaccurate, the property is still available and he did not so much as put an offer on the home," Davis said. "Nor has it been rented to him or anyone at this point."

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Clearly, Rob was only joking around -- something the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been known to do on social media. A few years ago, Rob got the rumor mill churning full speed after he posted a message about a "son" he had. So yeah, everything he says online should be taken with a grain of salt. 

That said, the official Keeping Up With the Kardashians Instagram page commented on Rob's photo, "Are Rob and Chyna going to take the Hamptons?" To which Rob replied, "Lol that's a good idea!" So maybe there is a shred of truth in this after all. Ya never know with Rob!


Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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