Jeremy Vuolo & Jinger Duggar Defy One of Jim Bob's Courtship Demands

Fans have long known that Jinger Duggar has always had a bit more of a defiant streak than her sisters. She must have really found her partner in crime for a husband, because apparently, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are already defying Jim Bob Duggar in a big way.


In a sneak peek for Tuesday night's episode of Counting On, the family patriarch tells Jer that he better not even think about relocating Jinger outside of the family's home state of Arkansas. Big problem, considering that Jeremy is the pastor of a church in Laredo, Texas.

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Jim Bob's request demand came during an already tense moment on the show, as it was the first time that Jinger (and her parents) met with her future in-laws, Diana and Charles Vuolo. Jer's parents had flown in from Pennsylvania for the meeting, so we're kind of thinking that they weren't expecting to be put on the spot over their 28-year-old son's living arrangements.

Prior to the meeting, Jer said he was looking forward to getting advice from his parents about his relationship with Jinger, something Jim Bob probably never considered, since he seems to think that his insight into all things is enough on any matter.

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Jeremy said, "I'm really excited for Jinger to meet my parents. I'm excited really just to get some time alone with them where Jinger and I can talk to them, maybe get some counsel, wisdom from them. It is still a little nerve-racking with everybody coming into town to see where I live and everything."

Let's just say that JB isn't exactly gifted at putting people at ease.

Anyway, since this awkward scene was filmed, Jeremy put a ring on it, and while we still don't have an official wedding date, we have heard that the newlyweds will be packing up and calling Laredo home. Seems that Jinger is still determined to do her own thing and follow her own heart -- all the way to Texas.


Image via TLC

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