Kendall Jenner Takes a Dig at Taylor Swift in New Interview

kendall jenner

To dig or not to dig, that is the question. Kendall Jenner appears on the October cover of Allure, and some seem to think that the supermodel threw shade at former friend Taylor Swift in her accompanying interview. When Kendall was asked if her group of friends have a name, she responded with the "really, really lame" label they've come up with -- and according to some, it's a direct jab at Taylor and her "squad."


Apparently, Kendall and her gaggle of girlfriends -- which includes Gigi and Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and Cara Delevingne -- call themselves the Super Natural Friend Group. (Note "super natural," not "supernatural.") According to Kendall, the reason for the name is because "we all have such cool individual lives and we've been dreaming about them since we were so young." Cute! 

But here's where things get questionable: Lots of people seem to think that Taylor calculates every move her #squad -- which includes Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, and Selena Gomez -- makes. Some believe the girl gang is nothing more than an elaborate PR stunt, which basically is the exact opposite of how Kendall described her group of friends.

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This theory started on The Hollywood Gossip, and it's definitely reaching a little bit, but there's no doubt that Kendall is Team Kimye when it comes to her sister's feud with Taylor. If there's one thing the Kardashian-Jenner girls don't do, it's go against each other. And come on, it's hard to believe that she and her buds call themselves the Super Natural Friend Group. 


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