Princess Charlotte Set to Embark on Her First Royal Trip

prince william princess kate middletonThe royal family is going on a bit of a vacation together, as People magazine reports. Granted, there is some business for Mum and Dad, but it's still a vacay. Prince William and Kate Middleton are taking Prince George and Princess Charlotte to Canada for their eight-day tour. This marks the first time the littlest princess goes on an official royal tour.


Show of hands: Who likes traveling with kids when you have to work?

Okay, okay, maybe traveling with kids when you are royal is a bit different. Besides, their work is all about appearances and we're sure things will be just fine with a 16-month-old and 3-year-old in tow, right? Sure. The goal for Will and Kate is to make sure their sweet little ones know what it's like to travel, and to get comfortable with sleeping in different places around the globe with Mom and Dad. Because that comes with the title. So if they get used to this now while they're young, as they get older, they will know it's just a part of what they do.

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Makes total sense. And of course it does, because we're talking about Kate as the mom here. She has such a great handle on things, and seems majorly organized. But wait ... their nanny Maria Turrion Borrallo is also going with them (paid for privately, of course). So Will and Kate will be able to do the official business when they need to and have someone on hand to help out. If only nanny Maria comes with every family trip!

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The cute little family will be going to Victoria, British Columbia. They will tour Vancouver, and get to visit the Great Bear Rainforest, along with attending other various family-friendly events. Sounds like fun ... and quite major for Charlotte, who is embarking on her first royal tour. Talk about a milestone!


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