Watch Britney Spears Prove She Could Have a Second Career as a Dance Teacher

Britney Spears teaches dance classNo matter what you're studying, there's nothing like learning from a real pro -- which is why having the Princess of Pop take over your dance class has to be a dream come true for most kids. That's right, Britney Spears spent Saturday teaching her signature moves to dozens of girls and, wow, is she a natural with these kids!


Imagine how happy her visit had to make these young ladies? But, still, it would be hard to focus, wouldn't it? It's enough pressure to keep up in front of your regular instructor -- you certainly don't want to blow it in front of this megastar!   

Fortunately, these girls seem up to the task. Just watch how natural Britney is with them. 

Class today ��

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We knew she was a great dancer, but who knew Brit Brit was such a natural when it came to teaching? She's super-patient and sweet. When she's done with her Vegas show, she may want to consider opening her own studio. Imagine the lines to register for those classes? LOL! 

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More from CafeMom: 

Don't you love when she writes, "... let's all keep learning"? What an awesome message to hear from someone who has achieved so much yet has also had her share of struggles to overcome. Recognizing that we all have room to grow is so important and makes this mom of two seem so down-to-earth.

You can really see the joy these kids bring to her and vice versa. It's amazing that Britney chose to spend her day off sharing her talent with these young dancers. Guess it proves what they say: If you're doing what you love, it doesn't feel like work. 


Image via Russ Einhorn / Splash News

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