Queen Elizabeth Is Still Driving at 90 Like a Total Badass

queen elizabeth

She reigns! She drives! She does it all! On Saturday, Queen Elizabeth was spotted driving Kate Middleton around on her Balmoral estate out in the countryside. The queen -- who turned 90 in April -- looked as relaxed as she did chic behind the wheel. While she carted the duchess around, she donned a navy blue blouse and forest green vest. And not surprisingly, Kate looked equally bucolic chic in her green jacket, brown scarf, and tortoise shell headband. But again: The queen is still driving! 


The duke and duchess, as well as their two children, arrived at the queen's estate in Scotland last week for their annual late summer break. The queen was apparently driving Kate to a remote part of the grounds so the pair could have a picnic with Prince William, who was taking a break from his grouse shoot. According to a local who spoke to People magazine, everyone "looked really happy" at the picnic. Hard to imagine how they couldn't be. Staying in a massive castle in Scotland; being royal; enjoying a late summer holiday -- definitely sounds like recipe for happiness!

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William and Kate are set to head back to England later in the week to tend to royal engagements, but the queen -- and her wheels -- will be kicking back for a bit longer (she always takes a monthlong holiday at Balmoral). Charles's sister, Princess Anne, is also on the estate right now, recovering from a chest infection; and Prince Harry is expected to turn up toward the end of the week. Sounds like a fun time.

You've gotta hand it to Queen Elizabeth: At 90 years young, she's still sharp as a tack and doesn't seem to be slowing down one bit. Good for her. May all of her kids and grandkids take after her. They should all be so lucky.

queen elizabeth


Image via James Whatling/Splash News 

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