Jill Duggar's Weird Snack Has Fans Speculating She's Pregnant Again

Jill (Duggar) DillardFood cravings have been known to make people eat crazy things. They also happen to be a telltale sign of pregnancy. A recent Instagram photo has some Duggar fans believing Jill is pregnant. Tell us, do you think the proof is in her snack bowl?


Maybe mom wanted her daily dose vitamin A?

As harmless as it is to see Jill enjoying a bowl of green beans with salt and vinegar, fans truly feel it's a sign 1-year-old Israel is going to be a big brother.


"That's what she craved when she was pregnant with Israel," one commenter pointed out.

"Is that a pregnancy hint?" asked another.

"Didn't you like salt an[d] vinegar while you were expecting?" inquired a fan.

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Honestly, who the heck knows if Jill is actually pregnant again. Maybe she is, and maybe she isn't. For all we know, she just loves salty things. (Has anyone else not added salt and vinegar to vegetables before?)

Either way, we highly doubt Jill will be able to conceal her pregnancy the entire time, so let's just give Mom some space to study and enjoy her snack.

We wish nothing but the best for Jill and her family as they wrap up their time in Central America.


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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