14 Celebrities Dressed Like Disney Princesses

Jonathan Urbina | Sep 16, 2016 Celebrities
14 Celebrities Dressed Like Disney Princesses

As adults, we try to be grown up and sophisticated, but there's one thing most of us can't shake: our love of Disney princesses. Maybe it's the fairy tale of it all (or their flawless hair), but something about them has had us hooked since we were in diapers. Celebrities are no exception — they're huge fans of Disney princesses, too! So much so, in fact, a few have managed to channel their inner Disney princess on more than one occasion. 

Check out the following 14 celebrities who dressed like Disney princesses and looked good enough to star in the studio's next movie.


Images via Kent Phillips/wdwnews.com; Johns PKI/Splash News

  • Gwen Stefani as Cinderella

    Images via Gregg Newton/wdwnews.com; MAB/Splash News

    Okay, Gwen, we get it. You love Cinderella as much as we do. Shall we start calling you Gwenderella?

  • Ariana Grande as Princess Ariel

    Images via Gregg Newton/wdwnews.com; Ron Smits/London Entertainment/Splash News

    Before Miss Grande was the pop superstar we know and love today, she was just an actress on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. For her role, she was forced to dye her hair a dangerously close color to that of a famous mermaid. 

  • Katy Perry as Snow White

    Images via Gregg Newton/wdwnews.com; Splash News

    Aside from their jet black hair, heart-shaped faces, alabaster skin, red lips, and appreciation for puffy sleeves, these two have nothing in common. Right? #twins

  • Lady Gaga as Rapunzel

    Images via Matt Stroshane/wdwnews.com; Press Line Photos/Splash News

    Every now and then, Gaga switches things up with a toned down look. At the 2013 Billboard Awards, she arrived on a white horse wearing a lengthy blonde wig and plush lilac dress resembling one of Disney's most hair-envied characters. 

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  • Rihanna as Belle

    Images via Kent Phillips/wdwnews.com; Johns PKI/Splash News

    Rihanna made her Disney transformation when she arrived on the Met Gala red carpet draped in a Guo Pei gold dress. The extravagant outfit would have been too much to handle if the singer would have had a beast by her side. 

  • Elle Fanning as Queen Elsa

    Images via Ryan Wendler/wdwnews.com; Splash News

    Although Elle Fanning has already assumed the role of Sleeping Beauty on the silver screen, there is no denying that she is a dead-ringer for the snow queen. So the next time you get a chill, you know who to blame (we're looking at you, Fanning).

  • Maya Rivera as Princess Jasmine

    Images via Gregg Newton/wdwnews.com; Nate Beckett/Splash News

    Let's pretend Jasmine actually lived in the Hollywood Hills, had a thing for leather, and flaunted her flat abs 24/7. Too much of a stretch?

  • Jess Glynne as Princess Merida

    Image via Gregg Newton/wdwnews.com; Elliot/Splash News

    Do you ever just tell your hairstylist to give you "the Merida"? Jess Glynne does, which resulted in the Rather Be singer rolling up to the 2016 Brit Awards looking just like the red-headed character. Clearly she's a fan of Brave

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  • Lupita Nyong'o as Princess Tiana

    Images via Gregg Newton/wdwnews.com; Crystal/Splash News

    Green with envy to be a Disney princess? No worries, just pull a Lupita and reference your fave character for fashion tips. For this look it was all about shades of green, flower power, and a killer hair accessory. 

  • Amy Adams as Cinderella


    Everyone deserves their Cinderella moment and Adams is no exception. She made sure her day as Disney princess was at the 2013 Oscars. Let's hope no glass slippers were lost in the making of this photo. 

  • Keira Knightley as Rapunzel

    Images via Matt Stroshane/wdwnews.com; Fred Duval/Splash News

    Keira, Keira let down your long hair! About a few more inches of her long locks and she'll be ready to pull a Rapunzel and have a prince use it as an elevator. #hairgoals

  • Gina Rodriguez as Princess Elena

    Images via David Roark/wdwnews.com; Splash News

    Seeing double? That's because these señoritas could practically pass as sisters. Princess Elena of Avalor is Disney's most recent princess to arrive on the screen and the first to be Latina. 

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  • Diane Kruger as Queen Elsa


    She saw Frozen, put the dress on, then built an ice castle with her bare hands. Okay ... not really. But after seeing her in this dress, we wouldn't be surprised if Kruger admitted to being the real-life Snow Queen.  

  • Katie Holmes as Belle

    Images via Loren Javier/Flickr; Mayer RCF/Splash News

    There's inspiration and then there's imitation. Holmes probably knows the difference, but it's clear she was inspired to imitate Princess Belle anyway (and we don't blame her).

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