One of the Duggars Admits She Prayed to God to Not Have Babies

One of these Duggars is not like the other. While procreating seems to be a pastime for the married Duggar kids, at least one of them isn't about to hop on the baby train anytime too soon. Amy (Duggar) King recently admitted that she's not even thinking about kids yet, and she's already been married for an entire year!


While cousins Jill and Jessa were with child within about two seconds after walking down the aisle, Amy has been purposefully child-free for a year.

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When discussing her future plans with her hubby recently, she told People magazine: "Our first year has been really fun. Our goals for next year are to travel the world and fall further in love with each other! Who knows? There might be some baby talk."

Might be some baby talk? Yeah, she's definitely not racing to Babies-R-Us anytime soon. Right now, she says she's content to enjoy Saturday nights in with her hubby and -- according to her Instagram -- working together on their fixer-upper.

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The former 19 Kids and Counting star even said last February that she prayed on her honeymoon to not get pregnant. She explained to the magazine, "We were like, 'Lord, please don't let us have a honeymoon baby!'"

She also acknowledged that she's way different than her cousins in this regard. She said, "I'm the opposite of my family when it comes to that. I want to enjoy my husband without waking up in the middle of the night. We totally want that freedom."


Image via amyrachelleking/Instagram

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