Rihanna Stops Concert to Tell Fans to Vote & We Hope Young Girls Were Watching

Rihanna does everything better than the rest of us. She's flawless, fearless with talent for days. But there's one thing RiRi can't do: vote. So in one amazing mid-concert speech, Rihanna asked her fans to do it for her.


At a recent concert tour stop, a fan shot a video of the pop star explaining that since she's from the Barbados, she's not eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential election. But she reminded the crowd that if they are eligible, it's important to get registered.

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"I can't vote, so ya'll gotta do that for me. How many of ya'll registered to vote?" she asked. "Are you actually registered to vote though, or are you just turning up now?"

Here's the video:

"So I want ya'll to make sure that whatever happens here ... The power is in your hands -- literally right in your cell phone," Rihanna said.

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She's right. If you've got a cell phone, you should be registered to vote.

"All right, I'm getting a little too deep," she added. "Hillary didn't pay me to say that, I promise."

You don't have to support Clinton in the 2016 election to think getting younger Americans to turn out and vote is important.

According to Pew Research, millennials represent the largest share of the American electorate, even more than the Baby Boomers. If millennials decided to turn out and vote, they could get Drizzy elected if they wanted to. But despite their having the power of numbers, fewer than half of milennials (only about 46 percent) turned out to vote in 2012.

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It's time to unleash their power and influence. And it's awesome to see Rihanna doing her part to get young people out to vote.

It's also so refreshing to see role models for our girls like Rihanna encouraging them to engage in the world. From equal pay and reproductive rights to national security and the economy, our girls need to understand and be encouraged to participate in the issues. The result will be a future forged with their interests and concerns represented. That's huge.

So once again, Rihanna is showing the rest of us how it's done. Thanks, girl. And nice work, work, work, work, work.

Here's where to get registered to vote.


Image via Ron Asadorian/Splash News

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