Jennifer Garner Going Makeup-Free Is a Big Deal, but We Hope It Won't Be for Long

Jennifer garner makeup free red carpet

Whether she's starring in a film or taking her kids to school, this mom of three always looks amazing. Taking her laid-back, girl-next-door style to new heights, Jennifer Garner arrived at the Telluride Film Festival with a makeup-free face that revealed her enviable natural beauty -- and, if we're lucky, a new normal for red carpet looks.


Sure, we've seen the Miracles From Heaven star running errands without a speck of eyeliner or lipstick, but it's a whole different thing to show up bare-faced at an event where you know your picture will be taken.

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The 44-year-old has had a challenging year with her very public separation from hubby Ben Affleck, but the stress and strain of it certainly doesn't show. Take a look:

jennifer garner makeup free red carpet

Gorgeous, right? Jen is the latest celebrity to rock this fresh-faced trend. Singers Adele and Gwen Stefani have been sharing plenty of makeup-free selfies, while Alicia Keys has vowed not to cover up any longer. All these ladies look just as beautiful without all that paint and those fake lashes, and we love watching them take a stand. 

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In a world where filters and fillers reign, it's so refreshing to see these celebs reveal themselves this way -- it's a great message for younger women. 

Growing up, I can remember it taking my grandmother an extra 30 minutes to leave the house because she wouldn't dare be seen without her "face on." While I'm sure she applied her signature red lipstick for herself as much as for anyone she may have encountered, this daily, time-consuming ritual was one she would never have considered skipping -- whether she was going to a luncheon or simply outside to water her plants.

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It's wonderful to watch society move toward options. Instead of feeling forced to wear makeup to red carpet events (or anywhere, for that matter), we're finally getting to a place where that doesn't have to be the norm.

Whether you decide to wear makeup or keep your cosmetic bag shoved deep in the back of your drawer, it's nice to know you have the option to present your face to the world exactly as you choose to. 

The sooner we realize we're all so much more than what we look like, the better.

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