North West Has a $1,000 Louis Vuitton Purse Because Of Course She Does

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File this one under: Not surprising at all. Kim Kardashian's (3-year-old) daughter North West was spotted with a Louis Vuitton bag on Thursday in New York City. The tot wore the bag -- which costs $1,000 -- to complement a fashionable slip dress, which, yes, probably cost more than whatever you're wearing right now, as well. North looked cute as a button (as always), but there's no word yet on what the contents inside her LV bag were. Most have their money on a Barbie head, a piece of plastic from a broken toy, and half of a green crayon. 


No Hello Kitty purses for this little lady. She's starting out her bag collection strong

You've gotta admit, she does look cute carrying the bag. But, no, you're not crazy for thinking it's bat-crap insane for a toddler to have a bag that costs more than most people's monthly mortgage. 

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North and Saint West have really been upping it in the fashion department lately. Earlier on in the week, North was spotted wearing a sparkly gown that matched her mom's, and 10-month-old Saint was seen in a pair of teeny-tiny Yeezy sneakers recently. Adorable. 

As long as she's Kim and Kanye's daughter, North is going to kill it when it comes to style. And it definitely doesn't matter that she's 3 -- her parents will continue to dress her in expensive, designer duds. Hey, they're bajillionaires. Why not?

But here's to hoping Saint doesn't throw up on his fancy sneakers. If there's one thing Kanye won't tolerate, it's someone disrespecting his designs. 

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