Jana Duggar's Recent Mega-Purchase Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

What in the world? Jana Duggar has apparently purchased a tattoo parlor, and if you're like the majority of her fans, you're wondering what the heck that's about. The notoriously single 26-year-old may not follow the family order of getting married in her early 20s, but has she completely rebelled?


According to Starcasm, Jana is the proud new owner of a commercial building near the Duggar homestead in Springdale, Arkansas. She paid $95,000 for the property, which housed Phoenix Rising Tattoos and Body Piercing for a decade.

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It's a curious buy for Jana, who has been not so affectionately nicknamed "Cinderella Duggar" by detractors for her stay-at-home daughter status. Instead of leaving home and beginning her own life as a single adult, Jana has remained at home under the care of her parents, and has filled her days by caring for her younger siblings and contributing to household chores.

Which is why this real estate purchase is so intriguing. First off, it seems that the Duggar kids are making their own money from their TLC shows, and it isn't just going to Jim Bob and Michelle. Jana bought it -- not her parents.

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Second, does this mean that Jana is working to gain some independence and autonomy? She certainly has a number of skills, despite a lack of higher education. We could totally see her opening a dress or tailor shop, given her flawless seamstress skills. Or maybe she could set up a studio to offer music lessons? A midwife clinic?

There are so many things Jana could do with this space, and honestly, if TLC were to film a show about Jana venturing out on her own, it might be their best programming yet. We'd watch it, is all we're saying.


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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