Looks Like We Can Put Kate Middleton on Royal Baby Watch #3

kate middleton prince williamPerhaps it's the change of the season and the thought that their two other children are getting older, but the buzz is beginning that Kate Middleton and Prince William want to have baby number three -- or at least start trying. We shouldn't start gawking and questioning "is she or isn't she" whenever we see Kate, though.


No one needs that kind of pressure. We all want more royal babies -- especially when they are as adorable as this.

We hope everyone enjoys these lovely photos as much as we do..

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And this.

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But maybe at least a three-year age difference is a really good idea (they thought so the first time), which means we might be waiting a whole year. Having three babies under 4 is tough stuff, and Kate and Will have openly talked about the challenges of parenting. Still, these two seem to have a good handle on things and maybe now is the time.

All this baby talk comes thanks to a "family friend" who revealed to US Weekly, "It would not surprise me if they were pregnant by Christmas." I suppose it wouldn't surprise us either, but we could also see them waiting as well.

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They already have a springtime baby -- Charlotte was born in May. And Prince George is a summer baby, born in July. So maybe for baby number three, it will be fall when he or she is born. Which means maybe a pregnancy this winter. These two have talked about wanting a big family, so we may even be in for baby number three and then four and then ...


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