15 Times Kim Kardashian's Inner Mama Bear Came Out

15 Times Kim Kardashian's Inner Mama Bear Came Out

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She may be an open book and cool rolling with the punches, but when it comes to her kids, don't mess with Kim Kardashian. She doesn't care if she's being blinded by the flash of a hundred cameras from the paparazzi: Bother her children and she'll bite you. Well, metaphorically at least. 

From shushing the annoying paps so her daughter can take a nap to being downright forceful with people who are daring to mess with her fam, here are 15 times Kim's mama bear came out. Rawr! We like this side of Kim. 


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  • Shh! Quiet!

    Image via Christopher P/Splash News

    Doesn't matter if they're in a cozy hotel room or the streets of New York City, Kim doesn't want anyone messing with her daughter's naps. 

  • Her Eyes Are Fixed

    Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

    She knows all eyes are on the two of them, but Kim has her eyes on one person and one person only: North. 

  • This Way, Ma'am

    Image via srpp/ Splash News

    She may be the biggest star in the world, but when there are big crowds around, Kim is the one who escorts her daughter. 

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  • Death Grip

    Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

    North may have a tight hold on her mom ... but her mom has an even tighter hold on her. 

  • Huddle Close

    Imager via Fern/Splash News

    No way Kim is letting her daughter out of her sight -- or out of her arms. Adorable!

  • Always a Close Watch

    Image via 247PAPS.TV/Splash News

    Kim doesn't just hold North's hand tight, she looks at her baby to make sure everything's okay. (Looks like it is -- nice lolly!)

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  • North on Her Hip -- No Matter What

    Image via Splash News

    Doesn't matter if Kim is three seconds from giving birth, she's still going to carry her baby girl. 

  • The Tantrum Tamer

    Image via Said Elatab/Splash News

    Kim is cool as a cucumber -- and comforting to her sweet daughter -- while she has a tantrum in front of a bajillion photographers. 

  • Cover That Cutie

    Image via @JDH Imagez/Splash News

    When Kim takes little North out for a walk in the stroller, she's sure to cover her up well. Except for the cute tutu and adorable princess shoes. 

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  • Nap Time

    Image via ACE/INFphoto.com/Splash News

    When North wants to go to sleep, she knows where to go: her mom's shoulder. 

  • Ultra Protective

    Image via T.Jackson/INFphoto.com/Splash News

    So sweet how Kim tries to shield her child from the crowds. North's a lucky girl!

  • Always There

    Image via Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News

    When North is fussy and wants her mama, Kim is always there with open arms. Love it. 

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  • Anything's a Shield!

    Image via Splash News

    Hey, whatever Kim needs to use to shield her daughter from the paps, so be it!

  • Always Ready to Cuddle

    Image via Splash News

    Doesn't get much more cozy than a Kim-North-toddler fur coat cuddle sesh. 

  • Mama's Gonna Fix Your Hair

    Image via Splash News

    She's protected him as much as possible from the limelight so far (which is mama bearish in and of itself), but recently Kim was spotted holding her baby tight and fixing his little hairs. Precious!

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