Hot Mess or Performance Art: No One Can Figure Out Kanye West's Yeezy Fashion Show

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Leave it to Yeezy. Kanye West had his Yeezy Season 4 fashion show on Wednesday in New York City and from the sound of things, it was a hot mess. Or was it? The fashion elite -- who had to trek way further than they normally do for a fashion show -- were left wondering whether everything that went wrong during the show (and there was a lot) was due to carelessness and general Yeezy arrogance or part of something bigger -- like classic Kanye performance art.


Kanye didn't disclose the location of his show -- Four Freedoms Park on the tip of Roosevelt Island -- until three hours before it was set to start. For those not familiar with NYC geography, Roosevelt Island isn't exactly a hop, skip, and jump away for everyone. Guests could get to the show one of three ways: a Kanye-sponsored shuttle (that left two hours before the show), the F train, or a tram. People wound up waiting for the show out in the heat for over an hour, and understandably, everyone started to get cranky and restless. 

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Then, taking a turn for the stranger, while the models were waiting their turn to walk down the runway, some of them sat on the grass out of what appeared to be exhaustion -- and one even fainted!

Guests at the show were understandably confused, being that it was a Kanye-sponsored event. The show was put on in collaboration with performance artist Vanessa Beecroft, so the fainting, waiting, and sitting on the grass definitely could have been Kanye's "art." But who knows? (Besides Kanye.)

Being that the show was put on with Beecroft -- and being that it's Kanye -- chances are everything was choreographed to a T. It's hard to imagine Kanye, who walked down the runway with a smile at the end, would be cool with everything that happened, were it not planned. 

As for the guests, though? Who could enjoy a fashion show -- or performance art -- after waiting in the heat for so long? Would Kim and Kanye sit in the sweltering sun for over an hour? Doubtful. 


Image via Khrome/Splash News

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