Everyday Racism Is Real & Zendaya's Story About Her Trip to the Market Is Proof

From police brutality to a nation divided over a football player's right (yes, constitutional right!) to not stand for the national anthem in protest, it's a fact that racial tensions are at an all-time high. But as more and more major incidents keep popping up, it is easy to forget about the everyday problems people face from others' prejudice. Those issues are in your own backyard, or, as it were, in your own supermarket. And no one is exempt, not even actress Zendaya, who told fans on Snapchat that she was racially profiled at a supermarket while trying to purchase gift cards.


As the Spider-Man: Homecoming star explained to her followers: "The lady that was helping us ... I don't think she was a huge fan of our skin tone."

The 20-year-old claimed that she attempted to purchase $400 worth of gift cards and received an unnecessarily rude response from a female clerk at a supermarket. 

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From Zendaya's point of view, the woman basically looked at her as if she couldn't afford that amount and refused her service. Then the clerk allegedly proceeded to toss Zendaya's wallet back at her and move on to the next customer, with the starlet and her friend standing there.

So rude!

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Zendaya went on to say in her Snapchat story, "This is what we deal with ..." Unfortunately, in 2016, yes. This is what people of color still deal with, and it is still unfair.

Just because you think that two young adults -- who aren't glammed up -- cannot buy something as simple as a gift card, that doesn't give you the right to refuse them service. 

I believe that the usual sign that's posted is "No shirt, no shoes, no service," not "If I don't like the way you look, I'm throwing your money at you."

Most of the time gift cards are prepaid. So what made this employee think that they couldn't afford $400 without swiping a card? I have no answer for that question aside from the obvious. 

Zendaya was able to purchase the gift cards with the help of a manager, but the damage had already been done. Though, Zendaya chose to take the high road and wish the store clerk well in the video, in spite of the awful treatment she received.

This is yet another incident that sums up what it's like to be a person of color in America and having to deal with others' prejudice.

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As Zendaya said on her Snapchat, "Long story short, there's so much progress to be done in our world." And I couldn't agree more.  

So before you start pointing the finger, realize that racism is a thing, and people are being unfairly judged.

And no matter what, it's not right. Period.


Image via Image Press/Splash News

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