Channing Tatum Loses His Sh*t Meeting Simone Biles & Yep, We Totally Get It

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Just because Channing Tatum has legions of admirers who would just about pass out if they ever saw him in the fabulous flesh doesn't mean the actor is immune to having his own superfan moments -- particularly when it comes to Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. Tatum had the supreme privilege of meeting Biles on Ellen this week, and not only did he "freak out," but he also "geeked out," too (his words, not ours!).


Before the big moment, a borderline-giddy 36-year-old Tatum gushed about the 19-year-old gold medalist's skills -- just like you did about the actor's memorable moves in Magic Mike (a movie Biles quite enjoyed, as it happens). 

"She's gonna be the greatest, and already is, the greatest of all time," Tatum told Ellen.

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"I have a theory, though," Channing said. "My theory is that she's so tiny that she has a harder time holding onto the ground than actually, like, going up. She's just always flying away. I think she's got really, really strong toes and it helps her hold onto the ground."

Oh, Channing, it's a good thing you're so darn pretty. Luckily, Ellen talked him out of bringing up the toe thing with Biles -- even if we doubt she would have minded much. When the two finally got together, it was one big mutual admiration society. Tatum even got a chance to share in Biles's gold medal glory, sort of:

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How adorable are those two together?? For a little perspective, Tatum is 6-foot-1 and Biles is 4-foot-9 -- so of course putting them together is instant comedy gold (we don't know why that's true, but it is!). Too bad Biles can't hire Tatum to just hang out and hold her medals all day:

You're a gold medal winner in our book, Tatum! But maybe don't try out any crazy stunts involving toes and flying away, okay? (Best to stick to dancing.)


Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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