Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Break Up & Once Again, We're Questioning Everything

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston

We don't believe in love anymore. After three months, the golden Hollywood couple known as Hiddleswift -- that is, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston -- have called it quits, according to People. (And if People reports it, you know it's legit. That's not even sarcasm, that's just straight truth.)


So, what happened? The world may never know for sure, but a source told People that the couple's split was amicable, so there's that, at least.

You could probably write an entire thesis about these two and their bizarrely showy and rapid-moving relationship, and what it all meant. After all, the Interwebs at large have been dissecting their every move since they became public in June, with folks across the world wondering if it was real, if it was all for publicity, if it was a setup for a TayTay music video (or a Joaquin Phoenix–style fake documentary -- remember that wacky time?), if one of them was a pod person in disguise ... you get the idea. 

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Was she looking for a story to distract the public from Kimye's takedown, which she knew was coming in the near future? Some say.

Did Tom want a name boost? After all, admit it -- most of us didn't know who he was until he hooked up with the 1989 singer. (Well, some of us did, but most of those folks came from the depths of Internet fandom and Tumblr, so don't feel bad if you weren't in the know.) 

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The downside of it all, however, is that with this relationship, Tom seemed to alienate a lot of his fans, who loved him for the charmingly British, sensitive, and kind personality he always exuded -- which certainly did not go hand in hand with the absurdly photo-op-style paparazzi pics that suddenly seemed to crop up everywhere immediately after he and Swifty got together.

And angry Internet commenters just had more reason to spew hate at Swift -- another guy she's dating?! And right after ditching Calvin Harris?! BURN HER!!

But now, #Hiddleswift has come to its end. Bottom line is, we hope they got what they wanted out of the relationship, whether it was genuine or not. They're both young and beautiful and will be just fine either way, though. We're not too worried.


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