Jinger Duggar's Siblings Are So Over Jeremy Vuolo Already

It looks like the Duggar clan is getting pretty sick of their lovesick sister. Jinger Duggar's siblings are worried that she's too into fiancé Jeremy Vuolo, since he's basically taken over 187 percent of her brain space. In a clip of this week's Counting On, we get a glimpse at just how bad annoying the situation is while the older siblings went on a family camping trip.


It's one thing to care deeply about another person, but another to be borderline obsessed with that person, right? Take a look and see what you think about Jinger and Jer's ultra-close relationship. 

Now a lot of people would find that level of interaction suffocating, and the Duggar siblings are definitely getting pretty fed up with it, but hey -- it's not like they've been there before.

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Jinger isn't letting her family's teasing get to her at all. "I don't think I'm driving people nuts with it," she confessed. "I just think it's, when you're in love, everybody knows about it. I think everybody will understand when they get to that place themselves."

Even her brother Josiah agreed to an extent, saying that all of his siblings have gone a little nuts when they've been courting. "When they're interested in somebody, they're just like, 'Whoa!' They can't think -- they can't concentrate," he explained. He also suggested breaking Jinger's phone, but knew that that wouldn't accomplish much. "You realize everybody's going to go through this phase of life, so just deal with it," he said.

As for 18-year-old Joy-Anna, she might be slightly annoyed by her sister's inability to think or talk about anything but Jer, but she's keeping it real. While talking about how her other sisters Jill and Jessa became obsessed while they were courting before Jinger now, she confessed, "I'm just going to keep my mouth shut and not say anything, because ... I'll be the worst of them all, probably."

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Don't worry about Jinger's siblings though ... even though we don't have a wedding date yet, it's bound to be sooner rather than later, and then she'll be off to Texas to live happily ever after with her pastor husband. At least then her family won't be constantly surrounded by the lovey-dovey fog. 


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