Kim Kardashian Shares Sweetest Video of 'Old Man' Saint West

kim kardashian

The cuteness keeps on coming! After keeping him out of the public eye and from social media the first few months of his life, Kim Kardashian has warmed up to posting photos and videos of her son Saint to Snapchat and Instagram. And the result? Pure adorableness. Kim posted new videos of Saint to Snapchat on Monday -- in honor of his 9-month birthday -- and it's true, Saint is the "cutest little deer" around. 


In the videos, Saint can be seen giggling while his mom tries different filters on him -- including an "old man" one that's as hilarious as it is adorable. 

Feast your eyes on this cuteness:

How sweet is it when he gets super excited and kicks his legs?! He's precious -- and man, what a sweet age. 

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The older Saint gets, the more Kim will likely feature him on social media and on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kim was pretty selective about what she shared of her daughter North after she was first born, but now the little cutie is all over KUWTK and on Kim's social media pages. (And no one's complaining!)

Kim and Kanye may not be beloved by everyone in the world, but there's no denying the fact that they have incredibly adorable -- and happy -- kids. And the more Kim shares of them, the better. Butt selfies are great and all, but we'll take a sweet giggling Saint over that any day of the week. 


Image via Felipe Ramales/Splash News

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