12 BFF-Worthy Book Characters We'd Totally Chill With IRL

Anne Meadows | Sep 8, 2016 Celebrities

Some book characters are so wonderfully fleshed out it's hard to believe they aren't real people walking around living a full life outside of their book. When you turn the last page of such a book, you usually have to say a sad good-bye to the friends you made in the story.

But what if the barrier between the book world and the real world were to waver for just a moment, allowing passage between the two? Which of your old book friends would you most be excited to see come stepping into real life? Miss Frizzle aboard her magic school bus? Mr. Darcy in a charmingly period-appropriate suit and top hat? Ugh, or both.

We know of a few beloved book characters that would make totally awesome besties IRL. Who would you add to this list?


Image via Inga Dudkina/Shutterstock

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