12 BFF-Worthy Book Characters We'd Totally Chill With IRL

Anne Meadows | Sep 8, 2016 Celebrities

Some book characters are so wonderfully fleshed out it's hard to believe they aren't real people walking around living a full life outside of their book. When you turn the last page of such a book, you usually have to say a sad good-bye to the friends you made in the story.

But what if the barrier between the book world and the real world were to waver for just a moment, allowing passage between the two? Which of your old book friends would you most be excited to see come stepping into real life? Miss Frizzle aboard her magic school bus? Mr. Darcy in a charmingly period-appropriate suit and top hat? Ugh, or both.

We know of a few beloved book characters that would make totally awesome besties IRL. Who would you add to this list?


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  • Luna Lovegood


    Anyone who tells you Hermione is the best gal in the Harry Potter world obviously hasn't met Luna Lovegood. She's our choice for a bestie: She's ever true to her quirky, curious self; she's ready to believe the impossible is definitely possible; and she treasures her friendships above anything else. She's the weird friend that will enrich your life (even if sometimes she's kinda embarrassing to stand next to). Sorry, Hermione.

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  • Lizzie Bennet


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    Pride and Prejudice is a perennial favorite in just about any format -- be it book, TV series, or movie. Although the dreamy character of Mr. Darcy certainly has an everlasting appeal, it's his paramour Lizzie Bennet that we'd love to dish with. She's got just the right mix of moxie and wit, plus a sharp tongue to boot. And let's face it: She'd send the best handwritten letters.

  • Ponyboy Curtis


    The book The Outsiders is set against the chaotic backdrop of dueling "gangs" in a small-town high school, and it uses that to capture teenage angst just about as perfectly as possible. As adults, we'd probably rather not hang out with teenagers (too much drama), but we still know Ponyboy would be a good buddy to go to the movies with. In a book full of violence and tension, he's the chill dude reading classic literature and quoting Robert Frost. We just want to give him a hug and tell him to hang in there.

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  • Jo March


    Jo March is the outspoken tomboy that all readers of Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women can call a friend. She's headstrong and short-tempered but also very, very loyal. Can't you just picture goofing off with her in a silly skit she's written for your friends? We can. And we want it.

  • Arya Stark


    Arya Stark is another fictional tomboy that totally charms us with her spunk and grit. She rejected princess life and trained with her own miniature sword long before the escalating series of misfortunes upended her world in Game of Thrones. She'd be down to play capture the flag or climb a tree with you, but could just as easily help you plot the murder of your enemy. You know, like true friends do.

  • Hester Prynne


    Everyone knows the Hester Prynne that's portrayed in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter -- she's both sinful and holy, so a true good girl gone bad. But what would she be like IRL? We're guessing she was very matter-of-fact and down-to-earth, and probably had some great stories to tell. Plus, she was a single mother way before the beauty of disposable diapers and Lysol wipes. Who could better commiserate with our every parenting struggle?

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  • Tris Prior


    Tris Prior blew everyone away when she chose Dauntless over her home faction of Abnegation in Veronica Roth's Divergent series. She taught readers everywhere to follow their hearts, even if that means walking down a troubled path. She's on the bestie list for her fierce independence, her bravery, and her ability to forgive even the worst in people. Also, not gonna lie -- she has some pretty killer tattoos.

  • Don Quixote


    Don Quixote might lead you off on some nonsense quest that ends up being a big waste of time, but you will never have so much fun in your life. That's why we'd adore him IRL -- for one thing, he's hilariously delusional and dramatic. For another, he's obsessed with chivalry and romance in a way our teenaged selves can really relate to. Granted, his fervent idealism could get tiring, but we just love the idea of dressing up like knights and going off for an adventure every now and then, don't you?

  • Miss Honey


    Miss Honey was the shining beacon of hope in the otherwise dreary world filled with plain hateful adults in Roald Dahl's Matilda. With a personality as sweet as her name, Miss Honey was endlessly encouraging and understanding of Matilda's ... ahem ... special abilities. She's the kind, kid-loving grown-up we all hoped we'd grow up to be. And when she adopts Matilda at the end of the story, she becomes a single mom, too. Betcha she packs little love notes in Matilda's lunch box every day.

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  • Dr. Watson


    Dr. Watson hits every nail on the head when it comes to best friendship. He never judges his eccentric (to put it lightly) friend Sherlock Holmes. Instead, he indulges his characteristic rants and occasional personal slights. He provides the necessary soundboard for Holmes to bounce ideas off of, but doesn't claim credit for solving the mysteries themselves. If Watson were an actor, he'd have a mantel full of Best Supporting Actor awards. And isn't that the kind of friend we could all use from time to time?

  • Amelia Bedelia


    Amelia Bedelia was our ideal silly friend growing up, and we imagine she's still as literal-minded as ever today. Characterized by her childlike wonder, Amelia just doesn't get idioms, and takes every statement at face-value. She means well, though, so we love her all the more for her misunderstanding. A good friend can always make you laugh -- even if the humor does tend to verge on dad-joke territory.

  • Bridget Jones


    Bridget Jones, on the other hand, just gets it. She steps in it herself a few times (anyone remember the Tarts and Vicars party?) but she never gives up. Even with the "how's your love life" refrain ringing in her ears, her disaster of a career crumbling under her feet, and her own vices seemingly out of her control, she somehow holds it together. She might not be perfect, but Bridget definitely keeps it real. That, if nothing else, is what would make her a true friend. 

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