Prince Harry's Potential New Bachelor Pad Has Us Swooning

prince harry bachelor pad

When you think of a handsome prince, naturally you picture him in a castle, right? So it makes sense that the dashing Prince Harry is eyeing a multimillion dollar mansion to call home. The sprawling estate boasts seven bedrooms, a tennis court, and even a guest cottage. Could Harry be considering settling down?


Not so fast. With a game room, pool, and built-in bar, it actually sounds like the ultimate bachelor pad. Reportedly, the gorgeous home, resting on more than five acres, is far from neighbors, offering the prince plenty of privacy. 

Take a look at the Norfolk beauty known as Water Hall: 

Prince harry bachelor pad

Of course, an estate this grand comes with a hefty price tag. The prince will plunk down 3.6 million pounds, or $4.8 million, should he decide to make this his new digs. 

If you had that much money at your disposal, it would certainly be hard to say no to this place. Look at those beams! Did we mention it's been renovated recently, so Harry wouldn't have to lift a finger? 

prince harry bachelor pad

In case the royal wants to entertain, there's plenty of room. His niece and nephew, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, would no doubt love to paddle about in this utterly inviting pool. prince harry bachelor pad

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As if Harry weren't already quite a catch! Who wouldn't want to stroll the grounds with the 31-year-old ginger? 

Prince harry bachelor pad

The estate is just a stone's throw from Wells-next-the-Sea, known for its pubs. We have to imagine it would be a treat for locals to raise a pint with the prince. You never know what Harry might have in mind, but this place looks fit for a prince to us! 

Image via James Whatling/Splash News;

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