15 Reasons We'd Love to Trade Places With Pippa Middleton

Michele Zipp | Sep 6, 2016 Celebrities

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Aside from being the girl we all wished we lived next door to, Pippa Middleton is as close to royalty as you can get without all the royal tape. She's daring and smart, stylish and kind, and for her birthday we're naming all the reasons we'd love to change places with her ... even just for a day.

When Kate Middleton married Prince William, that spotlight thrust on her was also upon her little sister Pippa. The sisters are just a year and a half apart in age, which explains how close they are. What delight the Middletons are, but for now, let's celebrate Pippa on her 33rd birthday. Here's why we wish we were the lil sis of a princess.


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  • She's effortlessly cool.

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    There is nothing that says "cool" more than a basketed, vintage-looking bicycle being ridden by a lady in skinny jeans and non-traditional biking shoes.

  • She's philanthropic.

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    To benefit the British Heart Foundation, Pippa designed two items -- a scarf and a dress -- with proceeds going to the charity. She's quite a talented designer and it's clear how much she cares about others.

  • She's sporty.

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    You thought we were going to talk about something else besides her sporty spirit, didn't you? Well, we'll get to that but first let's be in awe of Pippa's cross country skiing and her triathlon endeavors and all her extreme sports abilities. This is why her derriere is in such incredible form. 

  • She's daring.

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    This electric blue dress with its deep plunge is incredible, but let's be honest ... this is not a dress a princess could wear, simply because the queen probably wouldn't approve. This is, however, the perfect dress for a princess's sister. Perfect for Pippa.

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  • She's a party girl.

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    Pippi works at Party Pieces, the company her parents own -- and she appears to be quite good at her gig. For Kate's bachelorette, Pippa threw her sis a Dirty Dancing–themed bash, and for Kate and Will's wedding, she had the idea to have food trucks for the reception. So when we say party girl, we mean that with admiration.

  • She's got the best nickname.

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    Pippa was born Philippa, but we love the name we know her by as well as Pip. But there is another moniker for her and that's "Her Royal Hotness." We couldn't agree more.

  • She's down-to-earth.

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    Pippa is the kind of princess sister who rides in yellow taxis with giant sunnies on while her friend snaps pics of paparazzi snapping pics at them. This is exactly what we would do if we were her, too.

  • She has a sister who is a Princess.

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    Pip's sister is a princess, a real princess. And not only that, her sister is one of the coolest princesses there ever could be. Kate Middleton is a fashion icon, which means lots of clothes sharing and sister benefits fit for royalty.

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  • We love her wardrobe.

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    This is an example of a "do." The hat. The boots. The red coat. The bag. The coffee in hand. This is a lady who knows what she's doing and looks amazing while doing whatever that is.

  • She's been linked to Harry.

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    While we doubt any of those recurring rumors are true, to have been linked to Prince Harry in any way is downright amazing. But besides all that, she does get to hang out with the single prince quite a bit, and it's still fun to think about these two as a couple.

  • She's planning her wedding.

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    Pippa is engaged to James Matthews -- he's a hedge-fund CEO and is clearly as much of an independent person as Pippa is, which makes us think this love will last. And who wouldn't want to trade places with someone who is great at planning and is planning her own wedding? The fun isn't just in the big day, it's all the decisions leading up to that day, as well.

  • She literally glows.

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    There are always those people who seem to stand out in the crowd (in a good way). A person who is at ease with themselves, shows confidence in a subtle way, and just has a glow about them. That is Pippa.

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  • She was this close to David Beckham.

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    Besides the royals, there is another British family we adore and that's the Beckhams. David Beckham is, well, look at him. We cannot get over the adorable look on his face as he's talking to Pippa.

  • She's got great taste in jewelry.

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    We all know it's not about the size, but we can't help but stare at that ring with our jaws to the ground. The diamond engagement ring is thought to cost at least $45,000, but that's not exactly the point here. The point is that it's stunning in style with a vintage look without being too over the top (despite the cost).

  • Another Princess was named after her.

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    Not only does Pippa have a princess sister, but her princess niece was named after her. Pippa was born Philippa Charlotte Middleton. This hasn't been confirmed, but since the sisters are so close, it seems fairly clear that not only is it a perfect name, but it has deep meaning as well and quite an honor for a favorite sis.

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